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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 15, 2006

I wasn’t loving this workout tonight but that is not the workout’s fault.

Hang snatch
40K X 3
50K X 3

60K X 3
70K fail

70K X 3
80K X 3
90K X 3
100K fail
by this point I was feeling a little smoked. I think it was a busy hectic workday and a crappy week more than anything else. Not excuse, just pointing out that it’s not the workouts fault that it wasn’t working tonight, it was me.

225 x 3 DO
275 X 3 DO
315 X 3 DO
365 X 3 DO these were three singles, unlike the above, The grip was killing me and the pull was harder than expected too
405 X 2 Mixed, also singles. Pulled one with the left arm underhand. It was sore at first but not a big deal.
455 FAIL, I tried three seperat times. I gave it my all on the second one. I broke it off the ground, got it maybe six inxches and ust hovered for a couple seconds. I’m considering trying some pulls with chains as the top seems to be the weaker part of my pull

2″ Waddle Pull – based on the waddle walk I have to do in August, I hang a cord off the middle of my 2″ dumbell and pull from the outsides (where the weights go). The weights hang off a loading pin attached to the cord.
One pull each
I stopped it there. I was doing ok but didn’t want to push it. Last time my cord snapped and I think that is what injured my bicep. I went and got me a 1500lb test cord but I didn’t trust my knots a lot. I should have gotten a longer cord so I wouldn’t have to sweat it as much.

Went and tried to play tennis with Laura again. Neither of us were as on top of it as we were last time. Ah well.

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