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Twenty Reps

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 13, 2006

I went into the gym today with one thing on my mind, twenty reps with the weight I bailed on last time. I saw a video of Dan Cenidoza doing 25 reps. It was impressive and motivating, there is a moment in there where a look crosses his face that I am pretty sure was him questioning why he was doing it. Last time I had that moment, I caved. This time it would be different. It’s all a mind game.

40K X 5

40K X 5

Clean and Press
60K X 5

135 X 5
185 X 5
225 X 5
275 X 2

275 X 20
I got all twenty, not setting the barbell down, no rests longer than a handful of breathes. It sucked, it was hard and there was alot of bad form happening, butt coming up first.

Strict Press from the Rack
much harder than expected
185 for three single

Strict press from the rack at mouth height (probably four inches higher than before)
failed 185
I have to be careful about holding and releasing my breathe on this. I have to hold it during the exercise or I get crushed but if I vreathe out too fast and try to walk away after ward I about fall to the floor.

Bent over barbell row
thought I would do 225, no
135 X 3 X 6
way too easy.

Dips + 45
for my fellow fat boys, a fourty five will not fit onthe belt comfortably with your fat butt. I suggest only guys with waistline under 40″ use 45s.
3 reps, 3, 1

played tennis for an hour. I played tennis once three years ago for fifteen minutes. Prior to that, the last time was middle school. I was okay in middle school for a middle schooler. My primary goal was to keep it within the fence because I had a problem with that in middle school and the one time I played three years ago, with Laura, we quit after fifteen minutes because I was tired of chasing my own blasted balls. I only hit on out and that was on purpose as it was drilled at me. That doesn’t mean I’m any good but I accomplished my very basic goal.
I’m more athletic than I was when I tried in the past. I could get to the ball I’m just not very good at returning it. We got a couple decent volleys, Laura was humoring me, of about 6 hits each. It made for a good cool down but kept me sweating the whole time.

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