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Great Session

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 11, 2006

Luke and I hit stroongman today and I had a great day.

Log clean and Press
Luke said the log weighs in at about 140
140, 140, 190, 210 (fail jerk), 190, 210, 260 (fail jerk)
I haad much better pressing that jerking but some of those weight are just plain heavy

yoke carry
we were trainig for conans wheel, so we walked with the yoke in the same position. I did a couple little warm up movements
400, 400, 450
This thing presses the air right out of your body I felt I had 10 or 20 seconds of good air, after that I was just wheezing and walking as long as I could convince my body it could. I think Imade it a good 40′. I did set downt he the second 400 once and the 450.

Front squat lock outs

Atlas stone
245 to face level. I almost got the 270 but fought with it.

Afterward Laura and I went for 3 mile walk. I carried my backpack with the 16K bell.

now for it’s time for dinner.

I forgot I did flip the tire a few times. First I thought I wouldn’t be able, it hurt my left bicep like the dickens. I tried flipping a little slower, only deadlifting to waist height then fighting it up.

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