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The Mighty Whippo

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 9, 2006

Bought a knock off powerball last night. Good fun there, I’m sure I will grow tired of it eventually.

Hang snatch
40K X 3

50K X 2
60K X 2

Hang Clean
not feeling as powerful tonight
70K X 3
80K X 2

80K X 3 two presses at the end

Clean and Press
I wasn’t feeling the love tonight. I noticed last time that I was not popping my hips. I think tonight I was over thinking that part and screwing myself up.
90K X 2
80K X 1
90K X 2

Deadlift (all in pounds from here out)
Double Overhand
225 X 3
275 X 3
315 X 3
365 X 1

365 X 2
tried the left hand underhanded one time, boy did that hurt. The tendons were not quite ready but it feels great now. only did underhand with the right hand after this.
405 X 2

Deadlift from a 2″ block Double overhand
365 X 3
gonna have to do more of these. I know Luke does a lot, I have never done them

Dan inspired me to try a 1 handed clean after watching him do it. I decided to keep it light and try to learn the motion
50lbs one per hand
70lbs two per hand, easy for the right side but close to max for the left side.

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