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Not Keeping Up

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 6, 2006

Haven’t kept up lately

walk 2 miles
juggle 16K KB for 5 minutes or so
snatch 24K KB 3X10 reps

walk 2 miles

saw Dan at Dumbarton
Hang clean
60K X 3
70K X 3
80K X 3

Clean and Jerk
90K X 1
100K missed 2 hit 1
103K missed 3 cheated up 1

Oly Squats
135 X 5
185 X 5
225 X 5
trying for a 20 rep squat. As soon as I loaded up it was feeling heavy. I think the cleans where a bad idea.
275 X 15
I was sucking wind, all the muscles from my ribcage down were pulsing and cramping, I was starting to see spots so I racked it and sucked wind for about a minute.
275 X 5
each one was a grind

I learned about these in “Train Like a Strongman Volume 1”. It’s produced by Atomic Atheletic and if you aren’t doing pullovers and powercleans, I recommend them and the video. This was my first time doing these. I used an ez curl bar. I have always been told those were 22lbs so that is how I am adding it in.
72 X 5
122 X 3 X 3

Dumbell Press
80 X 5
90 X 2 X 5

Kettlebell swing 24K
3 sets of ten left hand, ten right, ten left, ten right all with midair exchanges.

Now there crap news
first, I weighed myself today 264.4. not as bad as I expected.
last, Laura finally found the tape measure in her sewing kit.
Drumroll please…….


47 1/2 inches around the waist.

I have to say I was taken aback. I was thinking 43 or 44 maybe. I wear 42 inch pants. But measured around the fattest part of the body 47 1/2. I even made Lara measure me again. yep 47 1/2. I can’t quit express in these PG forums what I would like to about that.

The good news. Through all my driving and what not last week (3,125 miles in days) I realized the reason I fail at the weight loss is that I never commit. I have to commit. So that is one of the things I will be trying to do. I will still lift because I like it but I have to lose some weight.

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