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Kettlbebell Expo, Sorta

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 2, 2006

am currently headed down I-80 toward Omaha and eventually Des Moines. KJust wanted to brag a bi.

So last night I visited my in-laws. My brother-in-law was there who I could consider a bit of a “Fitness enthusiest”. I have mentioned KEttlebells to him before so I got them out and did a short expo in the backyard. First I showed him what little juggling I can do but I did cut that a bvit short because the lawn was so soft that anytime I droped the bell I left a prety deep impression. Then I gave him the 16K and I took the 24K. We did 5 sets of ten snatches per hand. I was shooting for a minutes rest but would guess it was closer to two minutes. Either way it was a good time and adecent workout.
Tonight I will be doing the same for my family as my mom is curious about kettlebells as well. I’m not trying to sell them to anyone or anything, I just think they are cool and I am enjoying showing them off to my family smile.gif

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