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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 1, 2006

through the glories of technology I am writing this as we are headed down I-70 west out fo Kansas City. Aren’t laptops cool. I’ve got a broadband connection and some tunes (although it’s my wifes’s pick right now so it’s Duran Duran).
The funeral was yesterday. I apprecite all your well wishes. It went as well as could be expected. There has always been some weirdness, if not animosity, between my mom and step mother. That seemed to be put aside for the day. I got to talk to relatives I don’t see often or is some cases don’t remeber ever seeing. It was some good family time. I feel for my step mother, brother and sister, they are the ones who’s lives involved my father on a daily basis. Mine never did but it was good I got to know him to some degree toward the end. It was largely through my weightlifting I got to know him. He was strength coach for years and when I started lifting I started asking him about things. It was he who got me out of the bodybuilding magazine routines and into the idea of strength training. When I finally started doing some olympic lifts, he was able to offer some good suggestions, unfortunatly by then he was way too sick to really be able to spend some time together on it. He was the only family memeber I ever gave alink to this blog to and the one I would send the videos Dan made to. So he got to watch my progression in strongman over the last few months. He always had lots of great things to say. I don’t know if he liked it or if it was hard for him as he had lost his leg to cancer by then.
It was neat to meet all the old farmers on tha side of my family, I enjoyed shaking their hands and ffeling the firm compact hands underneath. I got my hand from my father, noticed this last time I saw him. We had the exact same hands, kinda small, kinda slender, more palm than finger. Will, his youngest son fourteen years my junior, has his mother’s hands. They may end up being pretty good sized some day. Will competes in Wrestling, Football and Track & Field, although the playstation playing is starting to take it’s toll on him. I would like to be able to encourage him to train, he’s a little young still, but I will probably see what I can do. It will be hard though. He barely knows me and we live a long way apart. Still I’m gonna try to keep in touch and occasionally put in an paarecance and remind him that if he gets to be too much for him mom, I can and will kick his ass.
I’m considering waiting a few years and sending him a CoC Trainer and maybe an IMTUG and/or a Brookfield book. We will see how time plays out though. The funeral is still pretty fresh for everyone and I think it’s a little early to try and get Will into training. Plus with Joe having been a coach in the area for quite a while, he will have plenty of professionals to tell him how to train and keep him going.

That little rant went on longer than I intended.

Anyway, after the funeral we went out for a walk on some lovely walking trails they have in Olathe. we started to get rained on. Fortunatly the wife had the good sense to ignoreme and bring the umbrella a long. So we just sat under the umbrella and watched it rain froa while. I think we walk, at most, 2 and a half miles. I had wanted to do kettlebells afteward but that was pretty much out with the rain. I realize I could have just swung them inside but there is something about doing kettlebells outside that I love, aside from the fact that I can try to juggle them and miss. So I bailed and gorged myself at Applebee’s instead then watched Comnedy Central.
Today we are off to Kearney,NE to see Laura’s famly as long as we are out here. I should get to play with my kettlebells there if for no reason tahn to introduce my brother inlaw to them. It will b efun. After that we are headed to my parents house for anight. My mom is anxious to see these kettlebells she has heard so much about. So I should get some KB action in the next couple days. Then it will be two long days in the car to try and get back to Bmore by Sunday night. So I don’t know how much Kettlebelling I will do then.
I have noticed my hips ar tightening up really bad from all the sitting I have been doing. I haven’t swuhng quite as much as I should be I rteally need to start working the joing mobility and stretching stuff. I’ve also got some weirdness in my right quad. I think one of those deep, painful sports massages would help but I don’t know when I will get a chance. I have tryed the trigger point stuf and had some success with it. The only problem is that I end up chasing the tightness around my leg. It sttarted on the interior part of my thigh. I worked that out then it has slowly migrated outward as i have worked different kinks out. I can’t seem to find the spot for the one I have had for the last two days. I think it’s hiding under some muscle.

We are now passing through topeka now, so I will probably be entering a deadzone for my signal plus I have rambled on long enough.

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