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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 26, 2006

I didn’t want to go to the gym when I got home but I convinced myself to go. I’m really glad I did. It made me feel really good.

forgot my notebook again

hang clean
60K X 3

power clean and jerk
80K X 3
90k X 2
100K X 2
103K X 1 (missed like three after the first one)
100K X 3

20 rep squat
Oly squat
225 X 20
I sissied out on 250 before I moved it. I should have gone with 250. There was someone there that was really chatty. Every time I would warm up a few reps and step out he’d start talking. I ended up getting like 12 – 15 warm up reps.

dumbell press
75 X 8
85 X 2 X 8

pull ups
all bodyweight, all to a dead hang. still sucking.

24K kettlebell
10 swings per side
10 snatches per side
15 snatches per side.
called it here although I could have gone on. It was a good day for lifting and I felt good leaving.

Now that all that is out tof the way…..funeral stuff. I think we are actually gonna make a week long road trip out of it. Weird, I know but I think it will be good. We will take some jumpropes and kettlebells and try to get some good sleep and just do our thing. I’ll keep the blog up, tosome degree. I can no one has noticed, this is the closest thing to a journal or diary I have ever had. I really like it. If no one read it, I would try to keep it up for my own sake.

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