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Doms Sucks

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 19, 2006

Did a walk on Wednesday, 2 miles

Thursday, Dumbarton

I haven’t done squats in quite a while. So I figured I’d give them a go. There were some other things I wanted to follow up with but I goofed up something in my elbow from Tuesday, so I bailed on pull ups, presses and so on. I think I’ll be good for next Tuesday.

Olympic Squat
135 X 8
185 X 6
225 X 4
275 X 4 This is the first one that felt really good
315 X 3
365 X 1

Power Squat
365 X 2
365 X 3 X 3
These were odd. The first couple just didn’t fell right. It took until about the 2nd rep of the first set of three for it to feel like my groove again. After that I could have done more, but I’m glad I didn’t now.

Bottom Up Squat
225 X 4
275 X 3
These sucked. I need to work with them to get the starting position right. Either I was totally bending at the hips and my legs weren’t even close to parallel even though the bar is low enough. If I keep myself in a good position then I couldn’t even move the bar.

My freaking legs hurt today. After did this lift, I went to sleep at about 9:30 and didn’t get up until 7. That is virtually unheard of for me. The last couple workouts have really wiped me out like that.

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