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The Inch Challenge

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 15, 2006

Well, my first strongman contest is done. It’s time to change gears a bit. I want to take some time, until July 1, to lose some body fat. It is my desire to maintain muscle pretty well, as it would be for most of us. I have talked with some people about the best way to measure body fat and calipers have been recommended. So I think I will buy some, but I also think I want to lose an inch off my waist. I have no idea if that is possible in a month but I’m gonna try. I will also use a scale and I will have my wife take a couple (appropriate) photos to track. I’ll save you the eye strain.
The weight tracking and calipers will be largely informational and will be used as I get past this challenge to keep track. The inch is the goal though. I believe it will be harder than I know. I’m gonna try and continue the regular walks my wife and I have been doing as well as keep after the kettlebells. I also want to bring the tire out more often. Last I will be challenging myself with some fast paced workouts, or at least toward the and of my workouts. I will try and work in some two minute drills, these will require that I lift as many reps as I can in two minutes. I will intentionally try to keep the weights heavy.
This is probably a more dangerous routine as it requires that I push myself harder than I have been. It requires that I do difficult weights when I am “preexhausted”. I believe the payoff will be there but I don’t recommend it as the Modus Operandi for anyone for a long time.
I will keep on with the Whippos (progressive pulling). I will add in some progressive squatting on Thursdays. I will add in grip again, cause I got smoked there. I think I’m gonna buy a ‘for real’ training journal (spiral notebook) and actually track my weights precisly rather than guesstimating when I get home. I will also set little goals for each workout. I really want to go hard the next month and a half.
For a weight loss diet. It is my intent to use a nutrient timing type approach first if, after a few weeks, it’s not going, I will switch to calorie deprivation. I will try and detail my diet more in coming posts. I wil officially get rolling and have all my measurements done by this coming Monday 05/22/06.

In plain language: I challenge myself to lose one inch off my waistline between 05/22 and 07/03.

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  1. Mike said,

    One year, same song second verse.
    This time I do it.

  2. […] the post from one year ago, featured at the right side on the top of the sidebar, was my first challenge to myself to lose and inch off my waist. The challenge was in the time of roughly six weeks to lose one inch […]

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