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It’s Not Just For Life, It’s For Christmas

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 9, 2006

Anyone watch AbFab, I’m guessing no.

I got a whole mess of stuff in the mail yesterday.
24 K kettlebell. The more I thought about this yesterday the more freaked out I got by it. That’s 52 lbs folks. That’s a heavy kettlebell. I think Dan had some 32Ks laying around his basement. They were honestly too heavy for me to do anything with. I can say the 24K is a lot more practical. I got home an looked at it and realized I could beat it. I took yesterday off as I am a tad sore from Sunday. I got a couple good swings in just for fun. That bugger is heavy. I got me some learning to do but I think it will help my Oly lifts immensly.

I also got in some DVDs from Atomic Athletic. I haven’t had the time to sit and which them and form opinions. I’ll try to remember to put my thoughts out here.

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  1. Mike said,

    Interesting reading this one year later. A few swings with a 24K…I have made progress.

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