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Last Strongman Before Contest

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 8, 2006

The title says it all. Yesterday I trained with Dan and Luke for the last time before the contest on Saturday. I’m a long way away from where I need to be in some events and closer than I ever thought I could get to others. Either way, the difference is stunning.

Axle Clean
165, a whole bunch of singles, found it pretty easy
183 PR. I wasn’t even shooting for a PR yesterday but got one anyway. Too bad I 62lbs off of the contest weight. When you conside that I fought with 165 for a long time, progress was made. This gives me until August when I have to figure out how to do this with a log.
EDIT: Luke straightened me out on the PR. 187. Thanks Luke.

played around with some bottom up squats. Luke has really been hitting these and made awesome progress. I’ll have these in my gym routine now that I have a powerrack at my gym to work from.

Tire Flips, this is the contest weight tire (680lbs). I did, I think, three sets of three. I’ve come a long way on these too. The first month or so, I couldn’t flip this tire. Not bad for five months work. I wrapped up the tire flipping with a full set of 6 flips. A very good time. I was sucking wind in an huge way.

Keg carries. I hadn’t done these at all until yesterday. Probably a little late to learn a skill but it was a great workout. When I move, I’m hopung to throw a party, maybe have a keg of beer and keep the keg. There things are a great workout. I got the light weight one okay (way under contest weight). The medium one was a challenge (At or about contest weight) and couldn’t even lift the heavy one (well over contest weight).

I picked up and Atlas stone in the middle of it all, just to see if the magic was still there. It is. No chalk, no tacky, 245 stone to about face level.

After it was all over we went over to Dan’s house for some awesome grilled food. I used to grill all the time in Colorado but we can’t havea grill here, I miss it. Even my wife was commenting on how awsome it was to get some good grilled food. Dan’s not half bad chef either. I was able to hang out for a bit and Dan loaned me some great material so I can get strong like Luke and him when grow up.

Totally racked out after I got home. Slept harder than I have slept in months. Even with being woken up twice by morons shouting on the street, it was a great nights sleep. After five hours, the alarm went off and I was not in the mood to get up, so I decided I ahd earned an hour more. So I spent an hours sleeping fitfully and dreaming of H2H kettlebell drills. That will screw you up. I got a laugh though.

A great final training session. I will probably put in one normal day at the gym on Tuesday and do some kettlebell work thursday, but not much more than that this week. I do have my lovely 24K kettlebell that is listed as “out for delivery” by UPS so that will be toyed with.

I’m anxious, happy, excited, nervous for what I believe with be the first of many strength competitions.

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