Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 6, 2006

Shouldn’t have done anything today, I have a light strongman day tomorrow. I really didn’t do much and I actually feel better and more energized afterward.
Walk 6 miles (we looked it up on the trail map) in about 3 hours.
spent about fifteen minutes trying to learn to juggle my 16K kettlebell. I have never tried to juggle that one but figured I should start since my 24K should be here Monday. I worked on rotating it both directions, changing hands, corkscrews. I’m sure there is more to KB juggling than that but that is what I have figured out thus far.
My back felt really good, pretty full of blood but really good when I was done.
A good recovery day overall.
I don’t think I will regret it tomorrow but time will tell.

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