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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 4, 2006

Warmed up with 25 KB snatches at home 16K kettlebell. 24K should be arriving soon

I have dubbed this workout the “Whippo”.
snatch 3 of each weight
40K, 50K, 60K
Hang Clean 3 of each
60K, 70K
80K, two and a miss
Clean 3 of each
70K, 80 K, 90K
100K, 3 missed. Thought Ihad it in me today
Deadlift DO 2 of each
245, 295, 345 (chalked)
skipped the mixed grip but that will normally be a part of this workout
Rack pull, mixed grip, chalked, 2 of each
395, 445

I tried to keep the pace up during the olympic lifts. I returned the bar all the way to the floor (dropped) each time, except on hang cleans. The elevated pace got me to sweating really good.

I was sure I had the 100K in me, and more. It appears that I have a disconnect in the second pull when I start to get heavy. I think maybe I start it too early and lose the momentem as I go from pull the bar high than my chin to barely breakingit past my belly button with the addition of 10 K.

I did some very high rack pulls but 445 is the most weight I have ever held in this position. I could really feel it as i began the pull.

I was gonna do some KB when I got home but my hands were really dry from the chalk and felt kind of torn up. So I didn’t do much.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 4, 2006

Took yesterday off. Didn’t do anything.
I’ll go to Dumbarton tonight and do a light version of a workout that Luke Whippo suggested. I’ll probably stop 50lbs short of where it could go because we have a “light” strongman session on Sunday. I think this one will get awy from us and get a little heavy. Just over a week until my first contest. I’m nervous.

After the comp, I’m planning on coming back with a program in which I only lift thrice weekly. The weekend after the strongman comp, I should probably figure out my 1RM on several lifts to see how it turns out.

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