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Not Keeping Up

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 1, 2006

I think I may miss logging some workouts, it’s starting to feel like a burden. But then again this is the closest thing to a training journal I have ever had and I really like that aspect.

Squat workout, I don’t recall sets and reps. I worked up to 365 squat for 3reps, started a second set and my back went all funny. Didn’t hurt, just couldn’t set up right. I decided it was best not to screw with it. Did some front squats with 185. Full extension situps (off a back hyper machine, where the head touches the floor). Felt good. Leg curls, leg extension, blah.

Volvo Yacht Race, walked around for a while, had a good time

Supposed to go to do strongman but the wife had a flat so I changed that (once I figured outhow to reomve the hubcap). Gave her a tutorial in the process. went and got two new tires, walked some more. Swung kettlebell. Missed strongman.

Been off my diet, weight is creeping up and I have gotten that lethargic feeling back. Bad eater, bad, bad. Back to more salads, fruit, etc today.

EDIT Forgot, I ordered my 24K kettlebell today. It’s not really in the budget but I decided I would just whine, wish and hope until I got it. Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet.

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