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Keeping Up Appearances

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 1, 2006

If you have never seen that TV show, save yourself the trouble.

Good workout today. Went to Gold’s during “high tide” and sure enough, flotsam and jetsom.
225 X 5 DO
315 X 5 DO
365 X 2 X 2 Mixed
405 X 2 X 2 Mixed (Chalked)
425 X 2 X 1 Mixed (Chalked)
So I used chalk in my no chalk again, suckers. Unfortunatly I didn’t get to apply it over the carpet, where it leaves no trace. This time there was a little pixie dust over the black floor mats. Life’s hard.
I left work this afternoon, grumpy. I have been grumpy after leaving work for about a week. I decided if I’m just gonna be bitchy and whiny I need to figure out something to make it go away. I thought about bringing in my 16K KB to work out with for 15 minutes over lunch, but I’m not sure that would help. I decided in the end I just needed to get over it. So I did. Then I got all uppedy and decided I would pull 450 today. As you see I didn’t. I got scared and gave up after pulling 425. Truth is, I had it in my, I let my mind get in the way. PRobably won’t do heavy deads until a week after the stong man but look for me to beat my PR with a 450+ pull by June.

Front Squat
155 X 3 X 5

Extension abs

Back Extensions

Leg Extension (yeah I know)
150 3 X 12
Leg Curl (just doing somethig different
250 3 X 12

You know, a year or year and ahalf ago I would have told you my chest should be stronger than my back and my quads should be stronger than my hammies. I don’t think that is the case anymore, I think I am the other way around.

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Not Keeping Up

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 1, 2006

I think I may miss logging some workouts, it’s starting to feel like a burden. But then again this is the closest thing to a training journal I have ever had and I really like that aspect.

Squat workout, I don’t recall sets and reps. I worked up to 365 squat for 3reps, started a second set and my back went all funny. Didn’t hurt, just couldn’t set up right. I decided it was best not to screw with it. Did some front squats with 185. Full extension situps (off a back hyper machine, where the head touches the floor). Felt good. Leg curls, leg extension, blah.

Volvo Yacht Race, walked around for a while, had a good time

Supposed to go to do strongman but the wife had a flat so I changed that (once I figured outhow to reomve the hubcap). Gave her a tutorial in the process. went and got two new tires, walked some more. Swung kettlebell. Missed strongman.

Been off my diet, weight is creeping up and I have gotten that lethargic feeling back. Bad eater, bad, bad. Back to more salads, fruit, etc today.

EDIT Forgot, I ordered my 24K kettlebell today. It’s not really in the budget but I decided I would just whine, wish and hope until I got it. Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet.

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