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Almost Forgot, Again

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 28, 2006

Almost forgot you lads again. Things have been busier for me at work and I’m trying to spend less time on the compy from home. Nothing personal.

Dumbarton last night
Hang clean
40K 3X5
50K 5
60K 3
70K 2 and a miss
80K 3 misses

80K 3
90K 2 and a miss
100K 3 misses

I haven’t double checked but I’m pretty darn certain that 100K would have beena PR for me. I really felt I had it in me too but it just wasn’t happening. The last one I was sure I had but I just didn’t catch it evenly so I dumped it.

225 8
275 3X4
pretty sure I have lost 50lbs off my personal best bench

Pull up
superset with

I was smoked.

Started thinking more and more about my next workout series, after the strongman comp. I think I’ll take a week of active recovery then get ‘er going.

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