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Super Light

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 27, 2006

after the long day at work yesterday and too little sleep I did some light kettlebell work and a long walk with the wife.
Today is her birthday so I got up late and came to work for only a half day. That made her happy and helped me feel good a fresh. The fact that I only sleep 5 hours on a good night, I believe, is really dragging out my recovery at times. I don’t have a plan to fix it yet.
Todays gym activities will depend on the birthday girl. Right now she is saying Dumbarton is on the ticket but things change with her often. So we shall see.

If you read the comments Dan was talking about his 20 rep squat. I have bailed on these a few times so I guess I will have to tag that on to my list. Not sure for when though.

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