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Posting Late

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 26, 2006

Sorry, forgot about the blog today
Went to Dumbarton last night, still feeling effects from Sunday.
40K 3X3
50K 1X3
60K 3X3
70K 3X1

Got some overhad squats in with the 40 and 60 K weights

tricep pushdown
3X8 80lbs

EZbar curls
3X8 80lbs

that was pretty much it. I had to get up really early this morning so I think tonight will be jsut KB.

Now on to something else. It’s not about lifting, grip, nutrition or anything like that. It’s not even relevant but it is pissing me off and I need to spew it out somewhere so feel free to not read this.
Presentations and Speeches. I love giving these, I know your supposed to be afraid but I really enjoy it as long as I know my subject matter. I gave a presentaion about a month, month and ahlf ago to a bunch of pharmacy techs about barcoding meds in our hospital. I didn’t care, made all my slides in advance and just ripped through it. I ended up with more time than I was supposed to so I stall and joked. I was able to turn a presentation that was supposed to last 10-15 minutes into30 because the other folks just went way too fast. I had fun, everyone else had fun. I got the audience into it. It was, honestly, the best presentation I have ever given.
So everyone goes running back to my boss about how awesome it was. She immediatly puts me on the agenda for the monthly all staff meeting. I have to do it thrice today (two down, one to go) and have a whopping 10 minutes to get it done. None of the techs come so I get a bunch of self important admins and pharmacists. They don’t act and react.
My manager wants me to give the exact same speech as before. Personally I consider each presentation and speech a unique experience. It’s a recipe of the presenter, the audience, the environment and so on. You can’t jsut conjure up the same thing twice. So I am giving my presentations today and they are informative and all but not on the same level. I’m just tired and frustrated.

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