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Strong And Stronger

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 24, 2006

Went with Luke and Dan down to Waldorf yesterday. We trained on strongman with Graham the guy that runs all the contestes here in Maryland. It was a good time for PRs.
Let me first say that I got to meet some of the strongest guys I have ever personally met. I also have not taught myself to remember names so I can’t tell them to you, sorry. Doesn’t matter though. Graham himself is incredibly strong and comparativly old. Then the guy that trained with us who has been rehabbing his elbow, even with a bum elbow was moving great weights. OF course, Dan and Luke who are both strong as hell.

Anyway, off to the events. we only really worked two events. I threw in about three flips of the tire to round out the day. I found it harder to flip on pavement than grass.

Axle clean and jerk, I don’t recall the weights exactly but
140 3X1 (Axel, tires, tens)
190 3X1 (Axel, Tires, 25s)
195 2X1 (Axel, Tires, 25s, 2.5s)

I don’t remember it very accuratly. I know I made some failed attempts at the 190 and 200 weights. I’d be lying if I told you that the slight change in height from doing it off tires didn’t psych me out a bit. I think my form was not as good as it has been because I got to wrapped up in the weirdness of pulling from just a little higher. It couldn’t have been more than 2 inches but I let it get into my head.

Well I managed to place 245lb stone on a platform that was about shoulder height for me. It was awesome. It took several attempts. I got some good pointers along the way. I got it so I could pick it up consistently and Graham helped me get my head game right. Then on the last attmept. I got it seated just right, reached over the top and my fingers hit just right. I stood up and the ball rolled as it should. Soon it was at the top of my chest. The I pressed. Fearing I would miss such a beautiful attempt I pressed too hard and almost knocked a hole in his wall. If he ever needs to repaint, I’ll have to volunteer or something.
I have asked different people for help with the stand up. I’ve gotten a lot of advice, most of it similar but it really is somehting you have to accidentally get right to feel and then go from there, at least for me. I think my fingers found agroove to pull on and I think the stars were aligned and think everyone helped a lot.
It was weird cause it’s not a clean, it’s not a front squat. It’s kinda both but it’s not. Some people talk about rolling the stone up your body but it really seems to be a trick of physics. You kinda roll the stone but even more you have to move your body under the stone. In the end you have to have the very center of gravity going through the center of the stone or a hair forward. I’m not saying anything that will help anyone cause I don’t understnad it yet. Just know that I enjoyted it a lot and hope to do it again soon although I’m not sure I understand it yet.

That was the training for the day and I am sore the day after. IT was good time and has me looking forward to May 13 no matter how that day goes.

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