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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 21, 2006

got to the gym last night. I’m not trying to get crazy as Sunday is gonna be killer. Going down to train with the guy who runs the local strongman events. It should be good for me as I am letting some of the weights get to my head. It’s straight intimidating. We are talking about weights that I probably would have never approached in a gym setting. It, wiht much help from Dan and Luke, is making me train heavier than I think I would have ever thought to.
You know I read a post from Chris Rice a while back that suggested everyone should try to compete in some way at least twice a year. At first I thought that seemed unneccessary but I am learning that a lot of people know things I don’t. I don’t always take their advice immediatly but I try to keep it rolling around in the make of my head. This is one of those. I have to admit I agree with him. Until you are willing to stick it out a bit you will never know how you measure up.
okay enough ramble

hang clean
95 lbs X 3
135 lbs X3
took it easy on account of oly work the day before and kettlebell work. I am planning to hit some more Oly tonight.

oly squat
225 3X12


Decided it was arms day
ez curl
3X8 70 too light

close grip bench
3X8 135 also too light

hammer curl
3X8 40 good weight

Rope tricep ext
3X8 90 lbs

reverse wirst curl
3X10 20

Wrist Curl
3X10 40

If I get my way, tonight will be another Dumbarton night. I’ll work the OLy stuff and maybe a little free weight, nothing serious. I’ll take tomorrow off and I’ll be killed on Sunday.

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