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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 19, 2006

I went to the Dumbarton gym tonight and took the wife. I liked it, she hated it. Of course that took away a bit from my liking it.

warm up (at home)
KB Snatch
16K 5X10 per arm

hang clean
30K 3X3
40K 1X3(some front squats in there)
50K 1X3(some overhead squats in there)
60K 1X3(presses too)
70K 1X3
80K 3X1(kind ugly felt unhealth)

Clean from the floor
80K 4X1 felt easy and kept pulling the bar too high, i had to bring it back down. I wasn’t really trying to do much with the full clean here

I worked in a couple snatches
50K 3
60K 3
70K 2

Got in some regular lifting too
bench 2X8 225 (shoulders were a little unstable from the cleans and the KB I ddi before leaving home)
dumbell row 3X8 60
military press (db) 2X8 50
pull up 4X2

My hands are feeling a little beat up but I hope to kit the KB some more tonight
Tomorrow I think I will work some speed squats. I’m either going to Waldrof on Sunday to train Strongman or to Philly to compete at Iron Sport Gym (look it up, cool gym, cool contest). I’m waiting to hear for sure from Dan. Either way, I’m trying to not beat myself up this week. Next week will hopefully be a different story.

I got carried away after I got home last night. I did another 5X10 on KB and then I did 50 swings per hand for a total of 100 without setting the bell down or switching more than once

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