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Grosse Pointe Blank

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 16, 2006

I have this movie on right now, it’s one of my favorites, ever. I was reminded of it by my experience today.
If you have seen if you know that Martin Blank (Cusak) is having a crisi of identity after many years as a hit man. PArt of the funniest thing in this movie is that whenever anyone asks him what he does he tells them. They all blow it off, laugh at it. Later when Minnie Driver’s character realizes that he has been serious this whole time, she freaks. There is a bit by here where she screams,”That’s something you joke about, it’s not something anyone actually does” (not an exact quote, I’m not that far into the film yet). That was the look I got today.
Some guys out here on the web have suggsted for some time that I try some sled dragging. Living here I don’t exactly have the environment for it. It was suggested by someone much wiser than myself that I drag a tire instead. Sure enough the gas station next door had about 10 they had to throw out. They let me have 2 for free. They sat on my little tiny porch for at least a month. After my last adventure in the park I was inspired to try this as well.
Today I readied myself in front of the building. A gu I often see around happened by. He looked and had no idea what to think so he opted for pithy of critical. “That’s and interesting way to store a tire”.
“I’m dragging it.”
“Oh yeah?”
I locked on my carbiners and threw the bag with about 100lbs on top and his eyes widened, there is that look. “You’re deadly serious about this draggin thing aren’t you?”
“Yep, my first time doing it, shall we see how it goes?” and off I trudged.

======skip ahead to just arriving home at the same local=====
My down stairs neighbor, a barely over the hill, shut in, old maid, happens by. “Wouldn’t it be easie to rollit?”
“That’s no the idea.”
“Well, the idea looks painful.”
“It kinda was.” There’s that look.
“whatever gets you off.”

The workout:
Sled drag Three city blocks, break each block for a minute or so.

hill drag:
Throw the tire down a 40ish foot him and pull it up using the 1/4″ nylon rope I knotted up(It’s not a good size rope but it’s what I had. I think I may try to buy some climbing rope, it should be cheaper and more durable than the stuff from functional hand strenght. I’m not trying to crap on Johns gear but I’m thinking his stuff is great for climbing but not for dragging around the city and throwing down hills. People are welcome to diasagree.

hill run:
Throw the tire down, link up the harnass and run until the tire is at the top of the hill.

Walk back with the sled

This needs to be a weekly thing for me at least. It was killer. I have some wicker welts on my shoulders, I’m gonna buy some towels to tape around the rope to make the harnass cause a little less damage. Next time I’m dragging two tires but less weight.

I have been researching some new gear. I think I have other equipment that can supplement rather well. I like the idea of firm limb control. The ability to stabalize weight at arms length rather than close to the body. I think the only thing I need is this book from atomic Athletic. I haven’t commited to anythng yet but I’m thinking about it. It realtes to my obsession with the Indian clubs lately. It’s hard trying to stick to a budget.

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