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Cheeseburger Eddie

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 14, 2006

Sorry, watching The Longest Yard. I love this movie.

hit the gym right after work tonight

hang clean 85 to OHS
got that same headache I got last time I was at Gold’s, I worked through it this time
135 3X3
I didn’t think much about the weight until I left. At first I was disappointed, it didn’t go quite as smooth as it did last night. I spent a little more thinking and realized I should be as happy as can be. I was hang cleaning what I was cleaning previously, more easily, without shoulder pain. I think I may actually be able to hang clean what had been my max clean from the floor. A massive improvment.

Squat (oly)
185 3X12 Should have just opted for 20 and called it good, the last four were tough.

Straight Leg dead
185 3 X8

Leg curl
125 2 X 12
easy but I haven’t done these in a while

Leg ext
150 2 X 12
same as above

Incline situp
25lb plate on my chest
2 X 8

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