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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 13, 2006

wow, my blog is looking pretty sparse lately. Sorry abut that, we’ll get something interesting going.
I went for a high rep press type workout last night.

Pushpress 135
I could just not make those last two.

Pull up offset 100lbs
I got slammed with a massive head ache on the last one I completed. It’s the second time this week. I think it’s a Blood Pressure thing. I think I held my breathe for a couple reps then exhaled with the exertion and dropped my BP real fast. Of course, I have no way to confirm this. It felt like a pain all the may around my head (like a headband) with it being focused in the back of my head right where the skull extend back (just above the cervical spine). It tooka while to shake and it has tried to creep back in a few times since then.

Bench (still feeling the headache) 135
Wide 12 reps
Normal 10 reps
Narrow 4 reps
I was going for more but it was hard to concentrate and I didn’t feel like screwing anything up permenently . The good news was that I was feeling a good workout in my pecs after the ten normal reps

cable row 120lbs
4 X 8
not really tough although it was hitting an area in my shoulder that has caused some discomfort. I think this kindof seated row could help me out to get rid of the discomfort.

Tonight I am meeting with an Olympic lifitng coach. I’m hoping he can help me clean up my form a bit. I don’t know yet how often I will meet with him.

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