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Break’n The Law, Break’n The Law

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 11, 2006

I decided to do a max deadlift workout. I know I did one just a few days ago but it wasn’t much of one. This time I resolved to sneak in a little lifting chalk and take straps to use as needed. I got in there feeling pretty good and got through my clean and squat/press warm ups. I’m really weak at what is, I believe, the second pull. I can rip it off the ground, it’s the explosion from about knee or waist height that kills me.
I go my deadlifts going ok. Same trouble I have been having latley, got up to about 315 and had to switch over to the mixed grip. Then I stepped over to the corner and got out abut a quarter sized piece of chalk and rubbed it between my hands. I watched as a little bit of it drifted away. I walked back and picked up 365 easy. I skipped up to 405, easy a couple times. 425, got it up for what I am fairly sure is a new PR. Unfortunatly by this point, most of the little bit of chalk I got on my hands had been wiped away. I went for the second and got right near lockout and I felt it start to roll in my hand. I barely got it back to the floor before I lost it. Chalk is good.

235 X 5
315 X 3
365 X 4
405 X 2
425 X 1

Straightleg Dead
225 5X5

OLy style speed squat – kind of out of place but I was just looking for something different
135 4X12
I’ll be using these on my nonmax effort days in the future.

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