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Push It

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 8, 2006

Got in some nice upper body pressing time action yesterday.
185 X 3 (more like a jerk)
135 X 5
175 X 3 (also more of jerk)
155 X 5
I’m a little disturbed by how much these have come down. I don’t know exactly wherre the weakness is, could be shoulders, triceps or bar positon. I noticed I started (from a rack) in a slightly different position than I ended a clean from.

pull up
2 X 4
2 X 4 with 50lbs off setting weight.

Close grip bench
3 X 8 225 (good weight for me)
Wide grip bench
2 X 8 135 (very easy, went slow and stopped the bar on my chest for a full stop every time)

It seems there was one more after thant but I am having touble recalling.

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