Anvil or Hammer

To Strap Or Not

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 8, 2006

225 X 5
275 X 5
315 X 3 X 2
225 X 5
I’m generally frustrated with these. They haven’t moved in a while. Even though I’m working out the remain kinks in my back my hands were the issue. I found that I could grip a little better with a really wide, almost snatch, grip. It must change the focus of the weight. It was odd though, the bar was a sliding through my hands, sliding to bring my hands closer. In the other gym I was in I saw some signs of chalk use. I may try to sneak a little into this gym, after I got 300 and arm off the ground in a farmer walk. I know it’s different hand position but I should be able to more than this. I may also take in a set of straps and try to use them at the highest weights. I think I’ll try that for a few months and see if my grip goes up, down or stays the same.

High bar squats
135 X 12 (thought about going to 20 but decided not to, I need to make that the only exercise of the day and add 90lbs if I’m gonna do that).
225 X 8 easy, just working on my high bar form. I might make these a focal point of my next leg workout.

Angeled situp, not much of angle
8lb 12 reps
12lbs 12 reps

Leg raises
2X 12

Jump squat
10 100lbs just and experiment. I’m not sure how I feel about them. 1 time won’t be enough to know if they have any effect. I think bands are a much safer way to do it. landing with 100lbs on your shoulders can’t be healthy.

Rack pulls
315 X 3 X 10 seconds

This was supposed to be a max pull kind of day. I was a little frustrated with my “max pull”. The high bar squats went really well though. I was feeling sore in the glutes from the lunges the other day. I thought about doing those again but thought I would wait a few more days. I was kind of at a loss to come up with good things today. Not too bad, not to good. Patience grasshopper.

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Push It

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 8, 2006

Got in some nice upper body pressing time action yesterday.
185 X 3 (more like a jerk)
135 X 5
175 X 3 (also more of jerk)
155 X 5
I’m a little disturbed by how much these have come down. I don’t know exactly wherre the weakness is, could be shoulders, triceps or bar positon. I noticed I started (from a rack) in a slightly different position than I ended a clean from.

pull up
2 X 4
2 X 4 with 50lbs off setting weight.

Close grip bench
3 X 8 225 (good weight for me)
Wide grip bench
2 X 8 135 (very easy, went slow and stopped the bar on my chest for a full stop every time)

It seems there was one more after thant but I am having touble recalling.

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