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On The Road Again

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 7, 2006

Skipped the gym two nights ago but hit it last night for a light deadlift workout. I didn’t take the dead over 300 just to make sure I was doing as well as I thought I was. I devoted more time than usal to stretching. I got some rack pulls done double overhand with three hundred. My hands felt weak on the deadlifts but when I did my rack pulls with a wider grip I found I was stronger. I was able to get up the 375 for not quite 10 seconds. I did lunges again which always remind me that I don’t do them often. They seem to find a lot of those tiny muscles at the tops of the legs and bottom of the hips to pull on.
I’m feeling good today. Tonight I’m gonna do a full out max effort pressing workout. My first of this program that should have started a week and a half ago. Ah well, that’s the way it goes. I think I have learned a little something and am better now that I was a week and a half ago.
I’m not sure I have said much about this but I have learned one really fun thing after being kind of banged up for the last week or so. I’ve been spending alot of time with my 10 lb sledge. I’ve been doing a lot of indian club/clubell type activities finding a groove, swing the hammer under control/ It has been realy cool. It makes for a nice exercise to do when I Get home from work to get the blood flowing.

Since this is my blog and I just kind of ramble on a lot I want to mention that I strarted a budget. I’ve never really totally had a budget before. I’ve thought about it and I’ve usually handled money ok but I’ve gotten worse lately plus I maxed out my credit cards moving. It’s big things like moving across the country that require I do that. The good news is that I have written in a way that is fairly flexable and doable, I believe.

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