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Yeah Folks, It Really Is That Simple

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 4, 2006

Okay, I was pissed off yesterday, I mean really, life changing pissed. My back was hurting and I couldn’t understand why. It’s been bothering me a lot lately. I was thinking that I was obviously doing something wrong and if I couldn’t fix, I needed to find anew hobby. I didn’t want to have to spend my life hurting like that. It made me not want to move or do anything. It was miserable. I sent out a couple emails requesting guidance from people who’s opinions I felt I could trust.
One of those people was Dan Cenidoza. The question wasn’t really, what can I do, it was more like, Who do I see? Dan shot backa speedy email reminding me of PAvels book, recommending a DVD (which I have ordered) and another book (not ordered, at least yet). At first I pretty much rejected his response (no offense man but I did). This is not uncommon for me, I often over think and overcomplicate things (noticed?). I did some net research and came across the Neanderthal No More series on T-nation. I kept moving but copied it to a text document for review. One thing it mentioned was lordosis of the spine and kyphosis of the upper back. It sounded similar to me. I have noticed the hollow of my lower backs seemed to be getting deeper.
Last night I dug out my pavel book to leaf through, I was going try to do it this morning but the inability to fall asleep last night (as I thought about my back issues) kept me from getting up the first time the alarm went off. So I did a little breakfast and the like this morning and took Pavel with me on the Subway. I felt kinda funny carrying a book emblazened with the words Super Joints through the city but I carried a 20 lb sledge the other day (you’d be amazed at how kind and corgial people where then).
I read part of it as I stood on the platform. Once again lordosis came up, the the word Psoas cam up. Suddenly I had a Eureka moment. Scott ahd been discussing astretch for this that I used to do alot, almost daily. I usually did it in between sets of my squat workout. I stopped when I changed gears to focus on my deadlift. That was nearly three weeks ago. In all the time I was in KC and since I got back I had not done it. In fact I stopped about aweek before this whole back mess started. hat and the fact I was sitting even more than usual were the only two things that remained consistent.
When I got to the office, no one was in yet. So real quick, I dumped my gear and got down and did a little static stretching. ( I know that isn’t ideal but it’s what I did for now). As soon as I straightened from the first leg I felt a huge amount of tension leave my lower back. Then I did the other side. More of the same.
Don’t misunderstand me, I didn’t wave my wand and just jump up six feet in the air. I did a little stretch and felt better, that’s good enough to be a magic bullet for me.

So make sure you are stretching appropriatly. If you can help it, don’t sit on your ass for 8+ hours a day like I do. I have thought for some time that sitting is pretty much bad for you and standing is good. I have felt the best when I am walking rather than stationary, this confirms it for me.

Man do I feel better

EDIT: Oh, and make sure you listen to the advice you get.

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