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Bist Du Hammer Oder Anvil Sein?

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 3, 2006

A great german quote. Are you the hammer or the anvil, do you strike or are you striken. I was trying to think of a name for my new hammer, something like that needs a name. I thought about having a contest on gripboard, then that quote popped into my head. The 10lb hammer will indeed be HAMER and the mighty 10K hammer will be ANVIL, it’s a bit of a recerse of the intended phrase but I think it makes sense in the end.

Tonight we weren’t up for the gym. The wife starts a new part time job tomorrow, I feel beat up and need to get my body together. I dug out my super joints book and plan to use that try and get my act together. I had forgotten how muchis actually in that book. I was surprised. Now I recall that it takes a while to get through the whole thing. I’ll try to reinstitute that tomorrow but slowly.
Since I wasn’t going to the gym, nor was I up for a hard workout I did a very light weight and improvised workout. I used mysifes 8K KB for a few light snatches. I also did some dumbell presses and curls for fun. I used HAMMER for am improvised indian club workout. I don’t have any vids or booklets but understand the basic ideas. I onlyhad one so I did a lot of deadlift levering then raises, slow swings to and from the top. I was holding it at about 8 inches or so. I also did some two handed swings from over head from the end of thehandle. I stalled the hammer halfway down.
I recall someone asking how important grip was in levering. I didn’t think it played a of a role. John Wood said simply “a lot” and left it at that. Tonight I found out that it does. If you do more than a little strick levering to the nose, grip gets really important.
After that Iwent and snapped a few timber ties for fun. That is really beating up the skin on my hands but that is part of why I do them, to condition thehands. Then I went and bent the equivalent of an IM Yellow. I didn’t try a blue as my wrists had a great workout already. I haven’t yet done a Blue, I feel like I am gettig there but am trying to just be patient.

Oh, yeah I did some two hand overhead swings with ANVIL too, that’ll about break your wrists.

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