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Workin’ On My Tan

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 2, 2006

Two workouts
Yesterday the wife and I went to the Gold’s Gym in Timmonium, where we will be moving. It’s an ok gym, definitly a bodybuilder gym but at lest they seemed to allow some chalk and had room to deadlift. They even had a trap bar, first time I ever lifted with one of those. Good Farmer’s Walk training in one of those. I didn’t do a lot worthy of mention cause my back has been bugging me and I had strongman to do today.

Oh, it was a beautiful day. It would have been a crime to spend it indoors and it should be worthy of merit to spend it outdoors training. Today it was Luke, Dan, Jeff, my wife and myself. The wife didn’t do any lifts but wanted to be outside too so she came along.
Axel C&J
I stayed around 165, threw on two 5.5lb plates for two or three reps. For the most part I was successful on my reps. At one point I attempted a hang clean, as this is the part of the lift I suck at the most, The bar slipped out of my hands and bounced off my thigh, I caught it again. Didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would have I just really surprised me.
My back has never recovered appropriatly so I took the yoke easy. Four and five hundred pound walks. I’m gonna try some different things this week to bring the back around, more KB, more walks at work to get up and walk around, I wil continue with the olympic warm ups at the gym.
Stone, I was dreading the stone today. I got the 245 to my lap easy enough, still not getting it up to chest height. I feel like I’m being stopped by lockingout those last few vertibrae.
I hadn’t planned ondoing the tire but it went really well. I used a more closed stance than usual and it seemed to help.

I have a little bit of a sunburn and am glad to have it.
I got to meet a really strong guy named mark, he’s primarily and Oly lifter and apparentlya jujitsu guy but he is strong and a good guy to lift with.
time to get some water and start preping my lunches for next week.

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