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Not Feelin’ It

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 31, 2006

Just wasn’t in the mood for the gym today. I think it’s because I did a considerable amount of bending prior. Kinda got my shoulder sore.

hang clean
front squat
back squat
back press

done for five reps with the bar and for 3X3 with 95

Hang Clean 5X5 95
3 135
1 185 (more of a jerk)
3 155
1 185 (a press this time)
2 175

Hammer curls circuit with hammer tricep ext.
3 X 8 30 (way too easy)

Finger curls
2 X 15 135

Rope Tricep pushdown
40lbs (just killing time)

so like I said, I just wasn’t in the mood. It’s taken me all week to recover from Mondays workout. I think the next time I will do good mornings much lighter. Also, today I was surprised how difficult the pushpress was for me. I have neglected my pressing movements, it is showing. I have to get those back into the show. Finally, once again I need to get some curls type action going on with my 2″ dumbells. I have been playing with my brand new 10K sledge. I haven’t tried to lever it yet, just getting it held out to a fully extended arm and balanced is a challenge in itself.

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