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Over Did It A Bit

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 28, 2006

So I think I over did it bit yesterday. I’m not sure it was the volume, intensity or any particular exercise. I just think it was that I went for two weeks with really only one workout then jumped back in at full throttle. I have been sore all day. First, I thought it was just my lower back, later my hammies reminded me that they saw action too. Eventually I was just gased.
I tried to workout anyway, came away a little wobbly and light headed.

I tried to keep rest short, I don’t wear a watch when I lift but I’m sure it was under a minute closer to 30 secs
Pull up (-X indicates how much offsetting weight I was using)
shoulde width Hammer hand position
3 -100 warmup

wide overhand position
2X6 -100 warmup
2X6 -80

shoulder width overhand
2X6 -80

shoulder width hammer
6 -80
5 -80

Dumbell military press
3X6 55
3X6 45

Dumbell row
6X6 55 – way too light. I took no breaks at all. I did one side then the other, then back again.

135lbs wideX8 midX8 narrowX8 no rest
135 wideX8 midX8 held the bar for a bit in between rep 6 and 7 of the last set.

Curl/tricep extension
40 lb barbell 12 reps of curl then 12 of overhead ext. Rest and repeat, three sets

finger curl 135lbs 2X15

I left with nothing left in me. I should kettlebell, I’m gonna do a couple snatchs to loosen the back but not much more. I’m supposed to do a high rep squat/deadlift workout tomorrow. I don’t think that is gonna happen but we will see. I’m thinking about doing a sprint workout saturday depending on the weather. I haven’ decided on that yet either.

Oh yeah and my new hammer is coming tomorrow. I have already decided I will need a n intermediate hammer. It’ll be a couple months on that one. wait and enjoy.

side note, I am stuck on a computer all day and I’m a bit of a music freak. My brother in law pointed me toward a free, legit music website. Pandora. I don’t recommend sitting at a compy all day or listening to pop music all day but if you have to try it.

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