Anvil or Hammer

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 27, 2006

Back to the gym today and I’m glad for it.

Bar X 5
Hang clean
Push Press
Overhead Squat

85 X 5
Front Squat

135 X 5

185 X 3 X 1

Deadlift (double Overhand)
225 X 5
275 X 5
315 X 3

Deadlift Mixed
365 X 2 X 2
385 X 2 X 1
365 X 2 X 1
315 X 2 X 2

Good Morning
135 X 5 X 5

Front Squat
135 X 3 X 3

Ab Wheel
2 X 15

That’s it. It looks longer in pixels than it felt. I kinda wanted to work in some rack pulls but I just couldn’t find the desire. I may try to do some holds with my 3″ dumbells after this.
The good mornings were not particularly heavy for me, in fact, they made my back feel really good but I am feeling them now. I had considered doing kettlebell but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow. Also my triceps are surprisingly sore from the ab wheel. I have been neglecting my arms entirly too long. I’ll try to work in a couple exercises tomorrow. I need to get the armsd thing going on the dumbells, that’s part of why I got them.
This program is essentially the program I discussed with Doc and others. It’s based on what Iwas doing at the end of my run of trying to powerlift. I’m openning with a day of heavy deadlift oriented work. I will follow with a higher rep press/upper body, then high rep lower body type stuff and polish it off with a predicatble low rep.high weigh upper body routine. We shall see how it goes. I am planning to take this through mid May.

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