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Week In Review

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 18, 2006

So this was an odd week:
This was one of those weeks when it’s just not working. I had the abbeviated squat workout. I did get a good deadlift workout in. I’ve done a little kettlebell this week. I bent about 5 Grade 2’s. Those are fun and easy. I bent one just this morning, I think I need to trim a few but I’m still going off the handful from fat Bastard, I haven’t bought a case yet.
Today the wife and I went for a walk. It was kinda nice so we checked the rails to trails website and found one locally. We spent 2 1/2 hours on the trail. Think we covered at least 6 miles. Not my usual workout but probably still good for me, plus it was fun. Tomorrow is strongman which will really take it out of me.
I’ve been trying to learn to appreciat these weeks like this rather than hate them. The truth is that they are probably good for me. I lift pretty heavy and often. I don’t sleep much and it’s poor quality these days. Fortunalty I think I will be moved to a much quieter place by July. That will be really good for me.

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