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I’m Digging These Oats

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 16, 2006

More with the ‘Feeling of Oats’ why are you always on about the oats?
I was feeling really good after I got done with my 3″ holds. Those were very hard. I think 3″ may be too wide for my little hands, it’s almost a pinch grip exercise more than anything for me. I will try to get the 2″ into the game tonight.
Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. So I was feeling really good and decided I would bend another grade 2, cause I just like the feel of it. Last time it was a little tough, this time the thing just bent. I can’t really describe it. It was just bent. So then I got all excited. I went and grabbed FBB 7″ 3/16 square, FBB 7″ 1/4 round and Luke 7″ 1/4 round. First went the square, easily. Then I thought, I’m finally gonna bend this piece of Lukes steel. I had picked this piece out a while a go becuase it is exactly 7″. I have managed to warp it a little. I have probably tried this piece ten times or more with no progress at all. I went after it, it feels like it wants to bend. I take my hands away and it is exactly the same. I was so pissed hopping around that my wife thought I had injured myself in the attempt.
I thought, maybe FBB 1/4 is easier. I took that stock in my pathetic little leather wraps. It bent. Not easily but it bent. I got it to about 90 degrees before it stalled out on me. Getting it restarted was a real bear. I gave it a good chest crush and probably got it to 45ish degrees. I gave it one more reset and crush and got it under 2″. Sweet.
I took one more shot at Lukes, there was nothing happening there. I also went and grabbed apiece of the FBB hex 7″ 1/4 nothing doing there either. I’m thinking that they both felt about the same to me. We shall see. I’m interested to see where Luke’s steel falls as I progress. I still have the other piece of slightly bent steel sitting on my desk with the first thing I ever bent, a little motivation.
In the meantime I am really excited to get a case of Grade 2s and tear through them. I’ll probably cut the heads off of a bunch of them to shorten them for a little more challenge.
Oh, I also found Erics calibration of different nail strengths I’m gonna spend some time with that to get a little familiarity.

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