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Rip Squats

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 13, 2006

New workout today. I got in there for a great warm up, five clean and jerk with the bar, five with 85 and five with 135. I focused on exploding and not trying to move the bar with m hands. Once the bar was set in motion I tried to not even feel it. They felt great. I had some of the best catches ever and rather than my shoulder hurting when I was done, it felt better than ever. I even worked in a few deep front squats. The bar was sitting back, almost on my chest and my elbows were forward. I hope I can repeat that cause I think it was exactly how it is supposed to feel. If they all felt that great I could actually get into Oly lifting.
Then on to squats. I felt so I good I thought I would dispense with certain formalities and start out with 225. i was thinking about 3X3 with 405 today. I got my four reps out and was going for the fifth. I got nice and deep, well below parallel. Suddenly I felt a pop. I got back up and racked the bar quickly. Sure enough, my undies were now catching a breeze.I just blew out my shorts. Not in a little way, nope crotch to within a few inches of my waistband.
I decided to be nice and not finish my squats. It wouldn’t bother me so but others my feel uncomfortable. So I went and bike with the wife until she was ready to go. It was boring and each time I checked my pulse it was lower. This would indicate I should try harder bu t I really dilike stationary bikes so I was not enthusiastic.
The good news is that I did come home and do the ketlebell with 3X25 with some light KB lifts in between. I has huffing and puffing in the end. Then I played with my 3″ DBs. I decided I felt like bending a bolt. So I went and got another grade two. It felt really good to bend it. It stopped on me three times but I got it going again and got it in under a minute. I also got it cranked down so hard that it was under an inch. I also managed to put a nasty mark on my hand. I don’t think I broke the skin or anything but I need to get som callouses there, a bolt head can doa nasty number. I want to get a bunch more. I really like bendig these twos and think they will make good warm up material some day too, although it’l be a while before my hands toughen enough.
Not a bad day for ripping my pants. Oh and I’m one contract signing away from having a much nicer apartment in a much nicer location where i can actually sleep and rest. Who knows what’ll happen then, oh and I’ll have some grass too. Look out world.

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