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Abnormally Detailed

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 10, 2006

Tonights blog will be abnormally detailed as some very nice, intelligent people are helping me improve my workouts.

I did a little too much warm up this evening. I started playing with my kettlebell and got on a bender doing five snatches per hand back and forth for about three sets. Then we went to the gym. I opened with a few minutes of jump rope. Jump rope is one of thos weird things, when I get it going it is awesome, otherwise it sucks. Tonight was more of the later.

clean and jerk
3Xbar only
5X1 135 I took a little break between each rep. I was trying to think about extension. These felt really good except for one faulty catch that made my shoulder a little sore.

135 X 6 Double overhand
225 X 6 Double overhand
315 X 2 X 3 did mixed grip (my grip was failing early tonight) three reps then switch
365 X 2 X 2
405 X 2 X 1
315 X 2 X 3
315 X 2 X 2
225 X 8 DO
I was pretty much spent here. Could bethe weather/ humidty could be short rests, I’m not sure.

Ab wheel
2 X 10
this was bugging my elbows so I quit

I was spent but not quite ready to go home, I wanted one more thing to do.

2 X 8 135

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