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Feeling My Oats

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 6, 2006

That’s some old farm expression, itmeans feeling your age but I have no idea how you get that from the words.

After not not nearly enough sleep, again, I am feeling sore and tired this fine morning.
Yesterday was strongman and for me it was one of those days you just want to stay home. I hate to wast my biweekly strongman opportunity though. We opened with some clean and jerk that I was just not feeling at all. My usual with a forty-five on each side was not happening for me. I was focused on form and not weight but that just ended up with me missing a bunch.
Yoke walk was a painful 650, which I’m pretty sure should not have been such a grind. (I looked back through blog and aside from more spelling errors than are reasonable, I saw that this is a step, not quite backward, but not quite forwad). Then we went for some stones I was very comfortable getting the 245 to my lap. Getting to shoulder was another matter. I recall Steve Jeck recommending hangcleans and wrist curls for stones, I think I shall have to heed him on this, they seem like the best two opportunities for me. The new guy, Jason, has some mad skills when it comes to stone lifting. The boy has a gift. He got a 308 stone up high.
After that there was a little time for tire. I got four flips in then with Luke prompting five after that. Luke put in something like 8 flips. We have to do 12 for the competition.
Right now I am feeling totally unworthy of thiscompetiton oming up. My goal is to do something in each event. One step with the yoke, one step with the farmer, one stone, one C&J and everything after that is gravy. I’m not feeling like that will happen. It’s a mental game though and I have to beat myself at it.
Today Ive got sore legs, sore hips, sore back, weakness everywhere. Definitly begging to go into overtrainig. I know the wife will want to go to the gym tonight and I’ll go with her but I think I’ll just cuise on the bike or something. I’m taking it easy for a couple days.

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