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Cardio Boxing Again

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 4, 2006

Well, it was cardio day and I didn’t want to run. So I thought I’d go do a full cardio boxing type day. I openned with a little jumping of rope. I have never been very good at the bunny hop style jumping rope but that was my strength tonight. Other than the embarassment of seeing my tummy bounce up and down, it wasn’t bad. Then I went for the gloves. I pounded on the little ground based bag. Some times I would knock it over and have to pick it back up. I liked to get it rocked back and rolling from side to side as I alternated hands. I think my jab is stronger than my hook or uppercut from what I can tell. I was sucking a lot of wind. I don’t think I ever made a full two minutes of pounding on the bag. I knocked it from one end of the room to the other over the course of half an hour. I took occasional breaks to try and jump rope but as I got more tired the coordination was gone.
Then I would just walk around and try to break and work on my sports drink (a shake of milk, banna, Peanut butter and berries that was really good and really helped me out, I think. They had some of the stretch bands with the handles so Iwould occasionally just do a little mobility thing with those while I caught my breath. After a half hour I was tired and my shoulders were bugging me.
I kinda roamed around, did some wrist curls and some stretching and we went home. I think it was a pretty good cardio session in all.

I have been down to 265 for about two weeks. It was the goal I set for my strongman contest in May. The only problem is that I have not moved down since then. This is, of course, all my own doing. I haven’t been hitting the kettlebell this week, I have been more relaxed on my diet and I only did cardio once this week. Next week I hope to renew my commitment to my diet and try to work my way down to 250. This, I believe, will be a much harder climb. At this point I think I will be a much healthier person and 250 than I am at 265 or was at 275. once I get there I may decide I have that much further to go. From an astetic side if I could get that secondary ass cheek above the glutes to go away, I would be much happier.

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Cardio Boxing

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 4, 2006

Went tothe gym again last night. I wasn’t quite up for a cardio only session but not entrily up for a full lifting session. I did some light Clean and Jerk for warm up, trying to focus on technique more than anything. A few front squats. Then I did deads up to about 315 where I did three sets of five.
I dug my grippers out earlier this week and have been playing with them. I find that when I play with them during the day, itreally impacts my grip in the evening. So at 315ls I had to reset my grip a few times. I tried to focus on holding the locked out position for a little bit.
I went on to do arms, which is and oddity for me. I dead a superset of three sets of 8 on curling a 70lb fixed barbell, overhand curling a 40, then tricep extension of th 70 again. Got a little blood flow going but it wasn’t terribly hard. Then I wandered off the kill time until the wife was done.
In my travels around the gym I wandered into their pseudo cardio room/halfcourt basketball court. I saw some jump ropes to one side and picked it up and got 60 jumps without tripping up, which surperised me. Then I found some bag gloves and they had the weighted standing punching bags. So I decided to beat up on them for a while. They didn’t quite have enough sand in the bottom so theyr were easy to knock over and didn’t spring back up like I expectd. Then I just had fun going after them. I’m sure my technique an speed were both horrible, but it was a good time. I got prety good and winded too. Iwas suprised that in a minute or less of just trying to hit the bag I could get more winded than I did with the jumprope.
I had a lot of fun and will try to make this a more regular cardio workout for me.

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