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University Of Baltimore

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 3, 2006

Dan came down last night and we went over th the University of Baltimore to train.

First Dan helped me out with my clean and jerk. There is a lot of work to be done here. Flexibility, control, technique, practice……
Basically, I’m strong enough to be okay at my Oly lifts. Right now I can pull with enough strength to get 185 into what loosly represents a clean. I will decrease my risk of injury and strength a lot as I learn these lifts better.
Watching Dan perform them was impressive. His catches where low and clean. No matter how much or how little weight was on the bar, almost every lift looked th exact same. Quick pull, low catch, full front squat and press. He went over 200lbs doing it cleanly almost everytime.
Then we finally got upstairs to use the kettlebells after the staff screwed around long enough to get us up there. Hopefuly I will have a legit pass by next time to avoid this issue. They had a prety full compliment of kettle bells including what he call Bulldogs, which i believe were 40 kilos. After watching him knock out what must have been a 10 minute routine that had something like 80 snatches with (I think a 20K). I was impressed. Iwould have been whining, hurting and puking halfway through.
Then we hit a few machines on the way out and that was it and I was beat. My lats are sore as hell today too.
Now I’m off to the gym for tonight then to whole foods for some shake making supplies.
I’m trying to clean up my eating but I’m breaking 26 years of bad habits and midwestern eating. A little bit at a time.

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