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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 28, 2006

Hit the gym for squats yesterday. Things were actually going really well until this big dude decided to show off for his two girlfriends (they were actually girls, not just sissies) by trying to squat along with me. He was doing ok until I got past 300 and he wanted to do 1/4 squats. I am not a fan of quarter squats. I ended up having to spot the quy and talk him through hislift for the last set. Then he was complaining about hisback hurting from it, to which I suggested trying it without a belt next time. After that he was convinced I knew something special and wanted in on every lift I did. His girlfriends were relegated to watching. It was incredibly lame.

400X0, got distracted and ended up putting it down
300X5 just reurned to a warmup weight to get my focus back

zercher squat
225 X3X5
I love these they are a real challenge to me and get the heart going really fast.

Straight leg dead
225 X 3 X 8

Lock outs up

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