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Sunday, Day Of Rest

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 26, 2006

No gym going today but I got a nice thing going at home. First bending: I actually wrote it down and measured before I started. 3/16 6″ and 4 1/2″ went down easy. Then I did 7 1/2 piece of Home Depot (HD) 1/4 that also went down easy. I then got over zealous and got beat by a 6″ piece of HD 1/4. I went back and tried a 7″ piece of Lukes stock, again no luck. I quite with that mess for a while and did some other things. wrist roller 10lbs did extensors, flexors, extensors, flexors with a pretty good break in between. I have been thinking about buying some 3″ PVC and making a thick roller and giving one to each of my training partners. I suspect they already have these so it may be a waste plus I am temporarily freezing my workout spending cause I have been going a little crazy lately. I think I have probably spent $500 in the last two months. Outer limit loops, 10 lbs with each hand for a ten count. I did about four reps. I would do my wrist roller one direct then the loops the roller the other direction and back to loops. Right now I am just getting used to these. After I got done with all that I returned to do another bend. I went for a 7 1/4″ piece of HD. It didn’t go at first, but I felt a lot better being warm. This one came down to a matter of conviction. I decided I could and would do it. I started to really lay into it. It sat content under my strain for a second or two. Then it bent and it bent fast. So fast I was a little thrown by it. I let go to see what the hell had just happend. When I looked it was at a 90 degree angle. I hate when they stop at a 90 degree angle, it’s really ahrd to get it going again. I messed about with it for a good few minutes thinking I would find an angle on it. I didn’t finally I realized I had to gut it out. I set up for the crush down, fingers interlaced and crushed. It acted just like before, it sat there for a couple seconds and suddenly gave in. In a second it had fallen. I had it under two inches. I think I learned a valuable lesson in bending today. First, the people (Dan) who told me that you have to overcome your own pain threshold in order to bend well, were right. I didn’t get it until today but, damn it that hurt, yet here I type unscathed but with bent steel. Second, sometimes you have to grind a bend. Some times it doesn’t just go. You have to build up that potential energy in the steel to make it quite. That doesn’t mean you don’t go all out right away, it just means you keep going until the steel quits or you do. I believe that is the part that causes people to say that it is not a matter of if but when you get injured. I hope t put it off as long as possible. I also want to add that I spend part of today cutting the handle off the other half of a dumbell I have. I have a hex head 70 and 80 (actually weighing more like 32ish and 37ish). I also have pinched four tens in one hand, two twenty fives in one hand and two forty fives in two. The plates I bought are a lot rougher than the ones I use at the gym and it made a huge difference. It was a great grip day now I am just waiting for my dumbells to arrive and I will be as happy as a pig in…..

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