Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 25, 2006

I made it to the gym yet again. I did 25 minutes on the hills setting on the treadmill. I was sweating my ass off and was pretty “worked out” by then. I was glad I made it through though. I didn’t really have time to work in any real lifting.
The good news is that I got is a pretty decent workut earlier moving plates around. It took a lot of effort to carry 400lbs of plates from Play It Again Sports to the car and the car to my apartment, then to put them away. Yup, I bought weight plates today, 400 and some odd pounds. They gave me a pretty good deal. I got
2 X 45
2 X 35
8 X 25
6 X 10
4 X 5
4 X 2.5
lets see…90,70, 160,200, 360,60, 420, 20, 440, 20, 450
450lbs plus 4 collars for $205, that comes out to $0.46/lb. If you remove the cost of the brand new collars it’s probably .45/lb. A steal.
Now I am just waiting for the arrival of my lovely dumbell handles from Fat bastard.
I have also spent more than I would normally spend in a year in a matter of a month. I think I will have to lay off buying toys for a while.

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Doin’ It Dead Style

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 25, 2006

I got some deadlifts in yesterday

405 X 2
425 X 0
405 X 2

Front squat 3 X 8 X 135
Push press 3 X 8 X 135
Lockouts out 405, 495, 585
Reverse wrist curl 3 X 10 X 65

I got some swings in when i got home too.
I found the deadlift really frustrating because I felt like I had more to give but my grip strenght is still the limiting factor. Between that experience and the farmer walks a week ago, I realize that I haven’t invested as much time as I should in supporting grip. It’s the reason I came to this site and Ihave forgotten that often. The good news is that I already have the thickhandled dumbells on their way. It’s a matter of time before I can start in with those. I’m hoping to go out this weekend and try to find some plates for the dumbells when they get here.

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