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Weird Week

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 24, 2006

It’s almost over. I have been tired every morning and not wanted to get up. Usually I’m up at 5, this week it has been past 6 every day. Ihave only gone to the gym once but I have done the kettlebell almost every day, including last night. Today I am not taking my usual for lunch nor am I having my usual for breakfast. I’m still trying to stay within reasonable bound for my diet but I’m too lazy this morning to whip something up.
It hasn’t been bad or anything. I have done kettlebell daily. Yesterday I got my North American Strongman card. I’ve also been rushing around trying to squeak past the deadlines to apply to nursing school for the fall.
Either way, I’m kind of glad it is over. I’ll try to rest up and clean up over the weekend and it’ll be back to the grind come Monday.

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