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Back Like And Ox

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 23, 2006

I guess this entry goes back to just after the last entr. I had just done some wrist roller and some that stuff. I did another round after that posting. Then I went digging for some stuff I had laying around. I have a tool from Iron Mind, I think they are called outer limit loops. Basically it’s five loops that you have to open your hand against to hold weight up. It’s really akward and kind of fun. So I did some reps with those with a whopping eight pounds. I think that would go up with practice because it is such an akward lift.
Last night I went in for a heavy squat workout, boy did I like that. worked up to 405 and thought I might go for 3 reps. My second reps was ugly so I racked the weight and went back for a third just a little bit later. Looked like a good rep and all. There were no huge surprises there. I went on to do straight leg dealifts with 225, zercher squats with 225 and barbel rows with 225. It’s the same workout that had previously left me aching and having trouble walking out of the gym. My back felt and feels awesome. I am not sure what made the difference. I’ve had my kettlebell for like a week, I don’t think that is long enough to do it. I have been using it for a few reps each night to try and wake up my back when I get home. It could also be the super heavy strongman workout from Sunday that I spent the last two days recovering from. I have no idea but it was nice to have back to spare for once.
I went on to do some wrist curls, because I have totally neglected those for months. I was only able to do 65 for 3X5 on reverse curls. Since it was just a tryout exercise I left the same weight on there when I went for curls and burned through three sets of twenty with no trouble. I need to do these again.Everyone else and their mother has a formulator these days. I can still do wrist curls so I’m gonna bring them back for me.

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