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Day Off?

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 21, 2006

Skipped the gym today, cause I’m a slacker.

In penance I just did my kettlebell routine with 2 swings on each set of swings (totalling 75). I seriously thought I might lose it out of my left hand on the last set. Had to get way back from the TV. Then true to my word, I did wrist roller and it smoked me.12lb dumbell pulling with the extensors and down controlled. Had to take two breaks on the trip up with the flexors. I forgot how bad ass this thing is, for me anyway. My muscles are all swollen like the first week of grip training (My ulna is hiding between two thick cables of muscle {yes, I know it’s only in my head}) and I am making a lot more typos than usual. I think I may go for one more rep on that thing before I am done.

I also dug out my grippers which iss rare for me, man does my gripper strength suck. I struggled to get the #1 closed with my left hand. Ineed to reintroduce those to my life. I will finally order the #2 next month some time.

Tomorrow I’m doing some squats and I’ll still try to kettlebell when I get home but I’ll go based on feel.

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