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So Tired

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 20, 2006

Ugh, I am so tired from yesterday. We aren’t going to the gym tonight, I think I will make a run on the kettlebell later. I did a short bending workout, I really shouldn’t have.

3/16 I bent two of these one over 7″ one under.
1/4 10, 8, 7, 6 1/4 (FAIL) – all home depot stock
1/4 8 (FAIL) Luke’s stock
5/16 HRS 10″ (FAIL)

It was okay, it’s pretty much the same stuff I can always bend. I really should have been doing it at all. It did put me in mind of something Dan said yesterday. He brought his formulator and was talking about how much stronger he felt in the forearms than before he got it and how he felt his lifts would get stronger because he felt that his wrist strength with thelimiting factor. I’ll be honest, at first I kind of blew it off but while I tried these bends and watched my wrist buckle under the pressure I thought, I really need to work on my wrist strength.
I’m not gonna race out and get a formulator right now, but I think I understand it better now. I will try to get after the wrist more, my wrist roller has sat , untouched, for too long now. I have been levering on a regular basis. The balance between no gain and overtrained will be tough but, as always, I will try.

Did I mention in my last post that I couldn’t resist getting a bender’s bag. I don’t know which thing I am more anxious to get, the bag or the bells. It’s all very exciting for me. I think I’ll let Dan and Luke take a shot at the horseshoe, to show me how it is done. After I finish off the bag I’ll have to order from Luke and Dan’s steel supplier, that shoulg keep me bending for while.
maybe I should see if they think I am strong enough to try the long steel..?
I’ll save that for later, maybe a phone book or something else is in order first…
Now I’m just rambling, I am tired. I’ll save you all the pain of the rest of it.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 20, 2006

Strongman was yesterday and wow! Seriously, I think we all did more than ever. Luke carried 272lb for about 30 feet on the farmer carry. I got it for about four steps. We both moved something int the 700s, Luke for 20 feet, me for about two steps. I tried to lock out 800 but failed. I managed to lift the stone to my lap like four times. I still can’t shoulder the damn thing though. I played with the formulator, an okay tool for wrist building. I understand it is great for those who can’t do barbell wrist curls. managed to clean something like 155 on a 2″ barbell.
Luke and Dan were able tohelp me a lot on technique here. I apparently pull more than highenoug, I just have crap for, which is probably why I have injured myself doing this in the past. It’s amazing, when get it, it feels so easy and right and when I miss it , it seems so hard.
I never think it sounds like as much when I think about it after I am done, but my body is sore and in a good way. It was a great time and I will be all that much stronger for it.

In other news, I am finallymaking good on all my talk about thickbars. I just requested shipping info from John onfour dumbell handles 2″ and 3″. I also ordered a benders bag because I’m a bastard like that, or at least want to be (sorry, saw the pun after I typed it and had to go for it).
Great day, grwat training buttrock.gif

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