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A Real Steel

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 13, 2006

Taking the day off from lifting.
My rear delts are sore from playing with my kettlebell. It really gave thema full workout.
I decided that since I wasn’t going to the gym I would do a little bending. It has been like five days or so.
3/16 8″ Bent
3/16 6″ Bent
1/4 8″ Bent
1/4 7 1/4″ Bent
1/4 7″ Fail*
1/4 6 1/2″ Bent PR
5/16 10″ Fail**

So as you can see it was actually a pretty decent bending day. I opened with a few easy ones, I played with my technique a little. Since I use bolt cutters to cut my steel the ends have nasty edges on them. I don’t use much leather at all to wrap my steel. I have found I am wearing holes in my leather very quickly. The point is, don’t use bolt cutter and use something better than the backs of old worn out leather gloves.
* This was interesting for me. You can see that I bent pieces longer and shorter than this one. Everyone would say well, steel varies and I say so it does. This is most interesting because out of th 1/4 diameter steel this is the only piece bent today not from Home Depot. This was a piece given to me by Luke. He buys his steel from a real steel supplier. The lesson, Home Depot sells cheap steel.
**This is Hot Rolled Steel. I bent a long piece of this with luke three weeks ago. It gao that distinctive fat bottomed U shape of HRS. I have no idea how long that piece was but as of right now I can not bend this piece for the life of me.

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